Class SCOProcessor.MapProcessor

  extended bycom.triactive.jdo.sco.SCOProcessor
      extended bycom.triactive.jdo.sco.SCOProcessor.MapProcessor
Direct Known Subclasses:
SCOProcessor.HashMapProcessor, SCOProcessor.HashtableProcessor
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class SCOProcessor.MapProcessor
extends SCOProcessor

An SCO processor for Map fields.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class com.triactive.jdo.sco.SCOProcessor
SCOProcessor.DateProcessor, SCOProcessor.HashMapProcessor, SCOProcessor.HashSetProcessor, SCOProcessor.HashtableProcessor, SCOProcessor.MapProcessor, SCOProcessor.SetProcessor, SCOProcessor.SqlDateProcessor, SCOProcessor.SqlTimestampProcessor
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  PersistentMap getBackingMap(java.lang.Object owner, java.lang.String fieldName)
          Returns the backing store for the specified Map field.
abstract  SCO newSCOInstance(java.lang.Object owner, java.lang.String fieldName, PersistentMap backing)
          Returns a new SCO Map instance that is unloaded.
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forFieldType, isSecondClassMutableType, newSCOInstance
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Constructor Detail


public SCOProcessor.MapProcessor()
Method Detail


protected PersistentMap getBackingMap(java.lang.Object owner,
                                      java.lang.String fieldName)
Returns the backing store for the specified Map field.


public abstract SCO newSCOInstance(java.lang.Object owner,
                                   java.lang.String fieldName,
                                   PersistentMap backing)
Returns a new SCO Map instance that is unloaded. The returned instance is owned by the specified owner but has not been assigned to the corresponding field.

Initially, the contents of the map are not necessarily loaded in memory. Its contents are partially or fully loaded from the backing store in response to application method calls on the map.

owner - The first-class object that will own the new second-class object.
fieldName - The name of the field in the owning object.
backing - The backing store for the map.
A new SCO instance.

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