Class ObjectNondurableIdExpression

All Implemented Interfaces:
SqlExpression, StatementTextGenerator

public class ObjectNondurableIdExpression
extends FcoExpression

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class
AbstractSqlExpression.Body, AbstractSqlExpression.CompoundExpression, AbstractSqlExpression.SimpleColumnReference, AbstractSqlExpression.SubqueryExpression
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
body, qs
Constructor Summary
ObjectNondurableIdExpression(TableExpression te, java.lang.Class objType)
Method Summary
 TableExpression getTableExpression()
 ResultExpression newResultExpression(PersistenceManager pm)
          SELECTs this expression in the surrounding query statement and returns a corresponding result expression.
 StatementText toStatementText()
          Returns the SQL statement text which this object generates.
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Constructor Detail


public ObjectNondurableIdExpression(TableExpression te,
                                    java.lang.Class objType)
Method Detail


public TableExpression getTableExpression()
Specified by:
getTableExpression in class FcoExpression


public ResultExpression newResultExpression(PersistenceManager pm)
Description copied from interface: SqlExpression
SELECTs this expression in the surrounding query statement and returns a corresponding result expression. After execution of the statement, the result expression is used to process the JDBC result set into Java objects.

Specified by:
newResultExpression in interface SqlExpression
newResultExpression in class AbstractSqlExpression


public StatementText toStatementText()
Description copied from interface: StatementTextGenerator
Returns the SQL statement text which this object generates.

Specified by:
toStatementText in interface StatementTextGenerator
toStatementText in class AbstractSqlExpression

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