Class TypeNameLiteral

All Implemented Interfaces:
SqlExpression, StatementTextGenerator

public class TypeNameLiteral
extends AbstractSqlExpression

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class
AbstractSqlExpression.Body, AbstractSqlExpression.CompoundExpression, AbstractSqlExpression.SimpleColumnReference, AbstractSqlExpression.SubqueryExpression
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
body, qs
Constructor Summary
TypeNameLiteral(QueryStatement qs, java.lang.String typeName)
Method Summary
 StatementText toStatementText()
          Returns the SQL statement text which this object generates.
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accessField, add, and, callMethod, cast, com, div, eor, eq, getColumnMapping, getJavaType, getMapping, getQueryStatement, getReferencedColumns, gt, gteq, innermostQuery, innermostQuery, ior, lt, lteq, mod, mul, neg, newBody, newBody, newBody, newBody, newBody, newBody, newResultExpression, newSubqueryBody, not, noteq, select, setMapping, sub, toString
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Constructor Detail


public TypeNameLiteral(QueryStatement qs,
                       java.lang.String typeName)
Method Detail


public StatementText toStatementText()
Description copied from interface: StatementTextGenerator
Returns the SQL statement text which this object generates.

Specified by:
toStatementText in interface StatementTextGenerator
toStatementText in class AbstractSqlExpression

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