Package com.triactive.jdo.util

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ClassFinder Used to load classes according to the rules defined in the JDO spec.
IntArrayList A variation on the standard ArrayList class that efficiently handles arrays of integers.
InternPool Implements a pool of internalized objects.
ProxyFactory A high-performance factory for dynamic proxy objects.
ReadWriteLock A simple read-write lock implementation.
SoftHashMap A hashtable-based Map implementation with soft keys.
SoftValueMap A java.util.Map implementation with soft values.
Strings Contains static methods related to processing strings.
SystemProperty Static methods for retrieving and system properties and converting them to various types.
Types Contains static methods related to Java and JDO type conversions.
WeakHashSet A Set implementation with weak elements.
WeakValueMap A java.util.Map implementation with weak values.
XMLHelper A utility class used to obtain DocumentBuilders.

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