Class SetExpression

All Implemented Interfaces:
SqlExpression, StatementTextGenerator
Direct Known Subclasses:
CandidateSetExpression, SetLiteral, SubquerySetExpression

public abstract class SetExpression
extends AbstractSqlExpression

A SQL expression representing a set of scalar values. Contrasts with a set of non-scalar values (rows), which would be a TableExpression.

Mike Martin

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class
AbstractSqlExpression.Body, AbstractSqlExpression.CompoundExpression, AbstractSqlExpression.SimpleColumnReference, AbstractSqlExpression.SubqueryExpression
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
body, qs
Constructor Summary
protected SetExpression(AbstractSqlExpression.Body body)
Method Summary
 SqlExpression containsMethod(SqlExpression expr)
abstract  SqlExpression isEmptyMethod()
abstract  SqlExpression sizeMethod()
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Constructor Detail


protected SetExpression(AbstractSqlExpression.Body body)
Method Detail


public SqlExpression containsMethod(SqlExpression expr)


public abstract SqlExpression isEmptyMethod()


public abstract SqlExpression sizeMethod()

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