Class CandidateSetExpression

All Implemented Interfaces:
SqlExpression, StatementTextGenerator

public class CandidateSetExpression
extends SetExpression

A set expression that represents some collection in a query candidate class, or a collection obtained from an object linked from the candidate class by navigation. When navigated through using contains(expr), the elements of the set are relationally joined onto the query statement.

This is most often used to represent a simple Set field in a persistent object, but can also represent the keys or values in a Map field.

Mike Martin

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class
AbstractSqlExpression.Body, AbstractSqlExpression.CompoundExpression, AbstractSqlExpression.SimpleColumnReference, AbstractSqlExpression.SubqueryExpression
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
body, qs
Constructor Summary
CandidateSetExpression(QueryStatement.QueryColumn ownerQsc, CollectionStore collStore, java.lang.String fieldName)
Method Summary
 SqlExpression containsMethod(SqlExpression expr)
 SqlExpression isEmptyMethod()
 SqlExpression sizeMethod()
 StatementText toStatementText()
          Returns the SQL statement text which this object generates.
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accessField, add, and, callMethod, cast, com, div, eor, eq, getColumnMapping, getJavaType, getMapping, getQueryStatement, getReferencedColumns, gt, gteq, innermostQuery, innermostQuery, ior, lt, lteq, mod, mul, neg, newBody, newBody, newBody, newBody, newBody, newBody, newResultExpression, newSubqueryBody, not, noteq, select, setMapping, sub, toString
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Constructor Detail


public CandidateSetExpression(QueryStatement.QueryColumn ownerQsc,
                              CollectionStore collStore,
                              java.lang.String fieldName)
Method Detail


public SqlExpression containsMethod(SqlExpression expr)
containsMethod in class SetExpression


public SqlExpression isEmptyMethod()
Specified by:
isEmptyMethod in class SetExpression


public SqlExpression sizeMethod()
Specified by:
sizeMethod in class SetExpression


public StatementText toStatementText()
Description copied from interface: StatementTextGenerator
Returns the SQL statement text which this object generates.

Specified by:
toStatementText in interface StatementTextGenerator
toStatementText in class AbstractSqlExpression

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